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CPV represents over 400 care providers in Northeast London,
from care homes, homecare, supported living and day opportunities.

Join our community to build relationships with and learn from other care providers through peer-to-peer support.

Our Benefits

CPV provides the platform to ensure that your voice is heard by the wider system and gives you the opportunity to influence.

Peer Connections

Connect with peers and care providers for support and relationships that foster growth and collaboration.

Community Network

Join a celebratory community that backs the cause, while ensuring your voice resonates across the larger system.

Amplify Your Voice

Amplify your voice within the system, ensuring your insights and perspectives contribute to meaningful change and innovation.

Sector Influence

Seize opportunities to shape the health sector, exert influence, and drive positive change in care provision.

Free Resources

Access no-cost resources like training, recruitment aid, leadership courses, and mental health workshops that bolster the field.

Enriching Support

Combat isolation, foster learning, and minimize seclusion through a network that nurtures personal and professional development.


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