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At the core of our mission lies an unwavering passion for supporting you.

Our journey has been one of growth, collaboration, and impactful change. We are here to encourage anyone across the sector to be their best.


Our Vision

To create a strong network of empowered providers, partners and valued workforce to collaborate and celebrate the care sector.


Our Mission

To represent social care providers, to support recruitment and workforce development in the care sector, and to collate resources and opportunities for providers.


Our Values

To be collaborative, supportive and influential. We're all about working together, helping each other, and making a positive impact.

About Us

We stand as a reliable partner in your pursuit of success within the care sector.

At our core, we're driven by an unyielding commitment to empower and uplift. With a heartfelt dedication to each individual navigating the care sector, our mission is to serve as a guiding light on your path to greatness. Whether you're embarking on your care journey or seeking to advance within the industry, our role is to provide unwavering support that propels you toward achieving your personal and professional aspirations.

Through a comprehensive approach that focuses on cultivating your growth and fostering a community of like-minded individuals, we stand ready to walk alongside you as you strive for excellence and success in the dynamic world of care.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of skilled professionals, who make it all happen.

Alvaro de la Camara

Operations Manager

Charlotte Stanford-Gibbs

Training and Placement Lead

Blessing Paul-Palmer

Nurse Educator Facilitator

Michaela Gordon

Senior Job Brokerage Officer

Eniola Otoki

Job Brokerage Officer

Sam Akintokun

Job Brokerage Officer

Our Story

We are a free hub that represents North East London in creating a better environment for the care sector.

Tayvanie and Michael are both residential and nursing home providers. They were introduced through Skills for Care in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. They both recognised that there was a need in East London for a support network. It was out of this that Care Providers’ Voice was born. Keen to represent the whole sector, John and Pooja joined the team to ensure that home care, learning disabilities and mental health were represented.

  • All the Directors believe in social responsibility and give their time for free to CPV and other organisations.
  • CPV is proud to be free and inclusive, open to all across the sector.
  • We are often better placed to deliver results quicker and more effectively than the rest of the system as we are small and agile.
  • Run by providers, for providers!

The Directors

Meet the minds behind the magic!

Tayvanie Nagendran

Co Chair

Mike Armstrong

Co Chair

John Timbs


Pooja Barot